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Snook Fishing

Inshore Fishing Heats Up – Crowds Leave

August 14th 2016 – Its time to go fishing inshore in the Florida Keys. Football just started, kids are back in school, most everyone up north is waiting for deer, turkey season and traffic in the Florida Keys has gone from insane to manageable. Its…

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permit fishing

Time To Get Your Permit On!

June 13th 2016 – The weather here in the Florida Keys and Key West has turned very “summer”. One of my favorite summer time activities is Permit Fishing. A good tide, a full cooler of water and ice with some great clear skies and I…

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Bonefish caught with A DAIWA

Flats Fishing Season Begins

April 23rd 2016 – The last few weeks of April always get me in a shallow water state of mind. Since 1994 I have geared my entire year around the seasons and the tides and this month marks the beginning of the “flats fishing” season…

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Yellow Jack

Go Backcountry And Have Fun!

January 13 2016 – The weather has finally turned “winter” here in Key West and we are having lots of fun fishing the Key West backcountry waters even in the higher winds. Backcountry fishing Key West is where its at for anglers that just want…

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