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Backcountry Cold Is Gold

January 6th 2018 – The cooler temps sure do make a difference in fishing for the Florida Keys. We get species here that only make an appearance when it is cold.. This makes for the best in Florida Keys backcountry fishing for the anglers who…

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Snook Fishing

Inshore Fishing Heats Up – Crowds Leave

August 14th 2016 – Its time to go fishing inshore in the Florida Keys. Football just started, kids are back in school, most everyone up north is waiting for deer, turkey season and traffic in the Florida Keys has gone from insane to manageable. Its…

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Great Weather Makes Awesome Backcountry Fishing

March 23rd 2015 – Generally when you ask a seasoned Florida Keys fishing guide what the weather is typically like in March, we kinda cringe, turn up a lip and say… “Snotty” or “Sporty” or just plain “Windy”. It all means the same. March blows…

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Yellow Jacks

The Big Chill Fishing Report Florida Keys

February 19th 2015 – The North East is being pummeled with snow. ¬†Florida Keys faces a the coldest weather of the 2014 2015 winter. The Midwest is in the grips of a freeze. Its really hard to imagine what the Global Warming Experts were thinking…

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