Deep Sea Fishing Florida Keys

Dolphin Fishing Deep Sea

Dolphin Fishing Deep Sea Florida Keys

The big blue ocean. Outside the reef the waters get deep off of the Florida Keys just 4-7 miles from the island chain and a short boat ride away. Out there the swift waters of the Gulf Stream await constantly bringing highly migratorial sport fish through the area giving our anglers the opportunity to catch them. Deep sea fishing has been a tradition here in the Florida Keys for many years. Going out with some friends and living it up as you enjoy the great outdoors and the awesome beautiful Florida Keys Waters. In the depths past the reef we troll for pelagic species such as dolphin, tuna, barracuda, bonito, sailfish, wahoo and the occasional marlin.

See our Florida Keys fishing seasons web page for more details about what to fish for and when.. 

Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing Charters / How They Work

Deep sea fishing boats range in size from 32 – 80 ft in length. With the rear of the boat being the fishing area also called the fighting area or deck. The fighting deck will usually have 1-4 fighting chairs for anglers to sit in and wait for the action to happen.  Most deep sea sport fishing boats have an area called a salon that anglers can retreat from the elements should it be raining or cold. Some of the salons have air conditioning, some don’t. If heat is an issue ask your chosen charter boat if they have A/C.

Sportfishing boat

Deep Sea fishing on a sport fishing boat. This is a great example of a Key West Deep sea sport fishing boat.

Sport fishing deep sea boats are located all up and down the Florida Keys at many different docks and marinas these boats have easy access to the deep waters of the Gulf Stream. Sport fishing boats are crewed by a captain and a mate. The mate works the deck rigging and setting lines per the captains directions. Keeping the lines clear and the people company. When the strike happens the mate is responsible for coaching people to catch the fish as well as managing lines to help his anglers bring the trophy on board. The Captains job is to navigate the boat and stay on watch looking for birds and weed lines or anything floating that might hold fish.

Deep sea fishing charters are usually 4, 6, or 8 hours long and can accommodate up to 6 anglers total. In the summer we always recommend at least 6 hour day on the water to make the best out of it. In the winter the fish are much closer to the reef and a 4 hour trip can be very rewarding and more affordable.

Rates For Deep Sea Fishing charters vary from boat to boat. Anglers will find that the more amenities a sport fishing boat has (a/c, size, salon amenities, newness) the more they will cost.

Split Fishing Charters.

Currently Key West Charter Fishing is the only place in the Keys that offers a “Split” or “Shared” deep sea fishing charter where an angler can pay for his or her seat instead of a full private boat. If you are on a budget this is a great way to go for one or two persons. Check out our Split Fishing Charters in Key West.

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