Mid Fall Fishing Classic Florida Keys

Ashley with one of her 7 bonefish in the Casting For Cats Backcountry Fishing.

Ashley and Capt. Tony with award for winning bonefish division in the Casting For Cats Backcountry Fishing Tournament

October 20th 2015 – It’s mid October. What some might call the dreaded slow season, and it is true tourism seems to slow to a crawl. I suppose that I understand why with family vacations being over and children back in school. It has to be hard to get away, But if you can manage it you definitely should. This time of year is so much fun and the Florida Keys fishing is bountiful. It is still warm and comfortable weather, but not to hot for our northern friends. The town is less crowded with little to no wait time at restaurants and the hotel pools are peaceful and cool. As far as fishing the options are almost limitless.

The fish are moving in from the gulf and the ocean to the bay. We are seeing more sea trout in the normal fall and winter haunts of grass flats in the 3 to 5 ft range. In with the Sea Trout you will also catch small to medium Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and Mangrove Snapper. A great mixed bag of action packed cast and retrieve fishing. No live bait needed I tend to do the best on a soft plastic/jig head combo with a 3 or so ft leader, Or my favorite way is the deadly popping cork. With the popping cork the more noise and splash you can make the better. For you hard bait fans you could also do well with a stick bait or a top water walker or chugger.

The flats fishing is always a fun yet more challenging way to fish. This is not necessarily as active a type of fishing as most are use to, but the pay off is worth the wait. When you feel and hear the drag screaming runs of a Bonefish or see the acrobatics of the juvenile Tarpon. (affectionately referred to as baby’s) With the higher than average tides of the fall. The schools are moving in happy and hungry. Just this weekend my angler hooked 7 Bonefish winning the Bonefish division of the tournament she was competing in. With our biggest Bonefish being 22 inches.

Offshore fishing  On a particularly nice day last week we loaded the boat with bait and headed out. Our first stop was at a wreck in 240 ft of water and let the bait fly. In no time we were hooked up to big deep water Snapper, Bonita and Blackfin Tuna on the surface, and got the big rods spooled by mystery fish. Which I can only assume were grouper. The beauty of my Skeeter 2250 bay boat is with its higher gunwales and deeper V it can compete very well in all aspects of Florida Keys fishing inshore and offshore respectively.

If you would like to book a charter to get in on the red hot fall fishing here in the upper keys give me a call or visit my website.
I am happy to discuss fishing with anyone that calls and help point you in the right direction. Be it on my boat or another.
Captain Tony Melton

About Capt. Steven Lamp
Veteran Key West Fishing guide Capt. Steven Lamp has been fishing the waters of the Florida Keys professionally since 1993. Specializing in Flats, Backcountry, Fly Fishing, Wrecks, Reef and Offshore fishing in Key West, Florida. Capt. Steven is also the founder and director of Dream Catcher Charters located in Key West, Florida.