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Florida Keys Fishing is without a doubt the best there is. The Sport fishing capitol of the world. Every year more and more anglers are coming to the Florida Keys to go fishing. Its becoming one of the largest draws to our economy.

Stretching down from the bottom end of Florida and out into Florida bay the Florida Keys has a tremendous amount of sport fishing area. From Key Largo to Key West there are 130 miles of reef line over 800 backcountry islands and 1500 square miles of flats from Ocean Reef to the Marquesas Keys off of Key West. Blue water is just 5-7 miles from any of our Atlantic Ocean facing marinas making deep sea fishing trips a breeze. Flats fishing was pioneered in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys has more world records logged with the I.G.F.A. than any other destination in the world.

It’s no wonder why we have such a huge community of fishing guides and charters to take people fishing.

Choosing a Fishing Charter

Inshore, offshore, backcountry, flats, or fun fishing? What to do? For savvy anglers the choice is easy as they have been here before and are addicted to their favorite kind of fishing . For the new Florida Keys Angler this choice can be over whelming.

Ask yourself a few questions first.. 

  • What Methods Of Fishing Do I Enjoy? 
    • Spin fishing – Casting
    • Fly Fishing
    • Trolling
    • Sight Fishing
  • What Types Of Fishing Appeal To Me?
    • Flats Fishing
    • Backcountry Fishing
    • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Wreck and Reef Fishing
    • Family Fun Fishing
  • How Many People Are In My Group?
    • 1-2 persons for flats fishing
    • 2-4 persons for backcountry fishing
    • 4 or less for wreck and reef fishing
    • 6 or less for Deep sea fishing
    • 1 – 49 persons for party boat fishing
  • How Long Would You Like Your Fishing Charter To Be?
    • 4 Hours
    • 6 Hours
    • 8 Hours
  • Whats Your Budget For Fishing?
    • 65.00 per person for a party boat
    • 425 – 700.00 for Flats and Backcountry Fishing
    • 650 – 950 for Wreck and Reef fishing
    • 750 – 1300 for Deep Sea Fishing.

Those are the general rules of thumb of fishing charters here in the Florida Keys. To get more specific check out our web site and call one of the fishing guides listed there.

For fast personal help you can call our office and speak to a fishing specialist.


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