Backcountry Fishing

Backcountry Fishing is Fun, relaxing and rewarding. See more, do more and never get sea sick when you go fishing here in the Florida Keys. The scenery is breathtaking with plenty for your eyes to take in with the mangrove islands, crystal clear waters and a plethora of marine life within a few feet of the boat. All while wetting a line for some of the most readily available sport fish in the Florida Keys.

backcountry fishing tarpon

Backcountry fishing the Florida Keys has fast over taken the sport fishing capitol of the world as the number one most requested fishing charter here in the Florida Keys. Yes, without a doubt more “backcountry” fishing charters are run than any other.

Why So Popular?

For a few reasons. Affordability is one. Starting at less than 600.00 for a private charter experience fishermen can afford a private backcountry fishing charters. Reward is next. More  species of fish are caught on a backcountry fishing charter than any other charters combined, yes thats right. From Flats fishing species to reef species and everything in between. Third РNever get sea sick. Backcountry fishing guides only go where it is calm, fun and good fishing. Fourth, its really easy. These trips can cary up to 4 persons and its all about the fun. No pressure lets just catch some fish and smile allot. Perfect Trip for all ages and skill levels. Most backcountry fishing guides shape and cater their trip to the anglers on the boat that day.

backcountry fishing barracuda
Barracuda are a really fun target when backcountry fishing in the Florida Keys

Where Is The Backcountry?

The backcountry lies on the North and West side of the overseas highway (US 1) All the islands that litter the landscape from Florida Bay to the Marquesas Keys off of Key West are considered the backcountry. These islands have flats and channels surrounding them and the tides go in and out carrying nutrients and small bait fish to the sort fish looking for them. This is the estuary where many of the fish on the reef get their start. The shallows, back bay, inshore waters of the Florida Keys and Key West are all what we consider the “backcountry”. Its truly a magical place. —— Also See “Flats Fishing” .

What Can I Catch Backcountry Fishing?

Depending on the time of the year anglers can enjoy many different species to chose from or go after them all. Species like Snook, trout, redfish, shark, barracudas, tarpon, permit, bonefish, 4 species of snappers, grouper, cobia, blue fish, pompano, and the mackerels. We have actually had anglers hit all those species in a day. The best part of this is the ability to do whatever is biting.

Backcountry mutton snapper
Mutton Snapper are pretty common in the backcountry of the Florida Keys. This guy was caught in Key West.

Backcountry Fishing Charters

Most charters are a 4, 6, or 8 hour duration. Bay boats that fish the backcountry can accommodate up to 4 persons with a  few exceptions. Some bay boats have shade and even some have bathrooms ask your guide what kind of amenities he can offer. Bay boats range in size from 22 – 26ft in length and offer a very stable fishing platform for tarpon fishing, shark fishing and any other larger species that can be found.

Booking a charter will generally require a deposit. Most commonly a 20% deposit will hold your date. Make sure you get a receipt for your deposit stating the charter name, Amount of deposit and the date or dates. Extra info will be the fishing guides phone number and location where you will meet. We always have our anglers call our fishing guides the night before to set things up as far as times and where to meet. This sets everyones mind at ease.

Backcountry fishing trout
Speckeled sea trout are very popular when backcountry fishing the Florida Keys.

What Are The Best Seasons?

Backcountry fishing seasons are always a fishy trip year round. To get a general overview of seasons and species available check out our Florida Keys Fishing Seasons page. For Key West species and seasonal availability look at Key West Fishing seasons. For up to the minute fishing reports for Key West just go to The Key West Fishing Report.

Tarpon season is in the spring. March through June most of the backcountry fishing guides of the Florida Keys are SLAM busy. Call ahead if this is when you are planing to be here as all the good fishing guides get taken. Planning ahead helps allot. In the late summer and Fall till just before Christmas week things here in the Florida Keys are a little slower for us as fishing guides. Getting a last minute trip is easier.

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Backcountry Fishing Bay Boat Yellowfin 24
A Fine Example Of A Bay Boat Made By Yellowfin Yachts For Backcountry Fishing

Capt. Steven is the owner of Dream Catcher Charters in Key West Florida. Pioneers in backcountry fishing

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