Inshore Fishing Heats Up – Crowds Leave

Snook Fishing Snook Fishing Florida Keys. Islamorada and Key Largo Is best.
Snook Fishing

Snook Fishing Florida Keys. Islamorada and Key Largo Is best.

August 14th 2016 – Its time to go fishing inshore in the Florida Keys. Football just started, kids are back in school, most everyone up north is waiting for deer, turkey season and traffic in the Florida Keys has gone from insane to manageable. Its time to get out in the backcountry and on the flats to go fishing. You won’t get run over (less chance) and that story book AHHHH feeling that is the shallows of the Florida Keys will be fulfilled.

In the upper Florida Keys our inshore fishing guides are reporting some great fishing. Snook, redfish, Trout and bonefish were the common words that I heard when I called them today looking for a report. One of them was on the water and he told me of the baby tarpon that were being flushed out of the Everglades by the fresh rainwater (normal thing, don’t be alarmed). The trout were hitting artificial like it was their job and the tarpon were a ton of fun on the fly fishing rod. All good news. The best part to me (cause I love bone fishing) was the report of numerous 3-5 lb bonefish being found in many areas. After a long drought of larger bonefish in the Islamorada and Key Largo area this is welcome site. Of course the shark fishing is also a huge hit with our anglers that want to catch a HUGE fish.

In the lower Keys – Key West the report is very good as well. Now that the lobster mobsters have moved on after picking over every nook and crevice they can find to get the roaches of the sea we have our water back. More good news, this is the slowest time of the year and a busy time for us here at Dream Catcher Charters. Rates are low at the hotels and you can actually walk on the sidewalks without feeling crowded in downtown Key West.

We are seeing a good number of bonefish on the flats in Key West. Shots for live bait, artificial and fly rods these fish are young and kinda stupid. Larger fish will be found as we get closer to October. My flats fishing clients use these months for some serious permit flats fishing. Its a great time of the year to scratch that very sought after sport fish off your bucket list either with live bait or fly rod. Add all that to our amazing snappers, jacks and barracuda fishing this time of the year and you can show yourself an amazing day on the water here in the “offseason”.

So.. Offseason only means off the tourist season here in the Florida Keys. It does not mean our fishing is off. When speaking of the inshore backcountry and flats fishing in fact its quite the contrary.

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