Backcountry For A Nice Day Even When Its Windy.

Cero Mackerel A real rod bender in the Florida Keys Cero Mackerel. Fun and tasty.

November 29th 2014 – Windy days got you down? Anyone that has come to the Florida Keys in the last few weeks is no stranger to the higher winds we have had this November and the out look for the next few weeks looks pretty much the same as we slide into December and the winter patterns take over with nice and fresh Northerly winds.

Cero Mackerel

A real rod bender in the Florida Keys Cero Mackerel. Fun and tasty.

Lets face it. Not everyone can handle 4-6 ft seas trolling along the reef for a shot at a sailfish, tuna or dolphin. even worse for some is being on the hook (anchored) trying to limit out on some dinner sized yellowtail and mutton snappers while reef fishing. It can be dreadful for our land locked visitors and seasickness becomes a new bad friend making your day really bad. Add that all to a cost value that will start at 800.00 and go north very quickly.

For half the money many anglers are seeing the value in staying out of the large waves, not getting seasick or breaking the bank this week and here coming in the month of December. Our backcountry fishing charters have been catching lots of fish for our anglers.

According to Capt. Tommy Z. (a professional backcountry fishing guide at Dream Catcher Charters) we have caught loads of fish with all levels of anglers here in Key West even in the windiest of days. The thing is, we are able to hide and still catch fish offering our folks a very pleasant day on the water for about half the cost.

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The fishing in the backcountry is heating up as the temps go down. Throughout the Florida Keys backcountry fishing guides are catching nice sized trout, pompano, redfish, mackerel, cobia, sharks, snook and nice sized snappers for dinner. Add all that to a chance at battling a nice 10 – 25 lb goliath grouper the story telling from one of these trips can be amazing.

Seasonally as the winter goes on the backcountry fishing gets better. More and more fish come in to take advantage of the massive amounts of baitfish that are scattered all over. From Key Largo To Key West out to the Marquesas Keys the backcountry fishing trips have become the most popular winter fishing there is.

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About Capt. Steven Lamp
Veteran Key West Fishing guide Capt. Steven Lamp has been fishing the waters of the Florida Keys professionally since 1993. Specializing in Flats, Backcountry, Fly Fishing, Wrecks, Reef and Offshore fishing in Key West, Florida. Capt. Steven is also the founder and director of Dream Catcher Charters located in Key West, Florida.