Tarpon Fishing Is Red Hot Florida Keys and Key West

Tarpon Release Tarpon release

May 13th 2018 –  Thanks to a little bit of tropical weather we have had a enough time to stop and tell our readers that that the tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West is Off The Charts. The full on migration of the tarpon fishing season has begun and we are jumping and catching lots of fish.

Tarpon jumping

Tarpon clearing his throat after being hooked in the face. Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing is red Hot this week.

Where Are The Tarpon

In the upper Florida Keys the tarpon are hanging around the bridges for the more popular spots for live and dead bait fishermen. As you drive over US1 the Overseas highway you will see boats massed together. Along the beaches are also great spots to get in front of seasonal migration tarpon for a shot at them fly fishing or artificial spin fishing. Down in Key West the harbor is full with tarpon rolling in and out with the tides as well as the cuts and shallows where they will lay up for a rest looking for an easy meal. West of Key West all the South beaches toward the Marquesas Keys are a great freeway of tarpon moving along.

How To Catch One.

Hire a Florida Keys tarpon fishing guide or charter. This is the best way to avoid the learning curve, use the right fishing gear and get right in front of the fish so all you have to do is focus on catching one. It is also much easier to hire a Key West fishing guide than to bring down a boat and go through the hassle of storing it, finding a boat ramp with parking and then get in everyones way out there trying to catch a tarpon. Believe me, in the long run its worth it hiring a Florida Keys Fishing tarpon fishing guide or charter.

What Are They Eating

In the upper Florida Keys the tarpon are generally eating mullet or crabs. As you get toward Key West tarpon fishing we use live pin fish for sight casting to them and the chambers in the harbor use cut bait to bring them to the back of the boat. We also use crabs in Key West as well.

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