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Florida Keys reef fishing is red hot this spring. Florida Keys reef fishing report.

Nice Catch of yellowtail snapper and mutton snapper Mutton snapper and yellowtail snapper
Florida Keys reef fishing snappers
Snappers are all the rage this week on the Florida Keys Reefs.

May 7 2020 – Things are still shut down here in the Florida Keys for the Covid -19 outbreak but that is not stopping us from reef fishing. We have been taking charters when we can and doing some grocery runs as well to take advantage of the incredible April – May weather we have ever seen. Subsequently we have been able to get out and smash some nice fish on the reef. Add to that, grouper season is open we are doubling down on some great Key West fishing.

Florida Keys Reef Fishing Report

All along the reef of the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West it’s spring time. That means the fish are doing their part making sure survival of the species by spawning. Many of our snapper spawn from April through July here in the Florida Keys all up and down the reef line. Reef fishing is on FIRE.

Florida Keys reef fishing is typically hot this time of the year, but this year has been the exception. Huge yellowtail snappers and some nice mutton snappers are being caught. There are fewer fish that taste better than snappers.

We are currently under the light of the full moon today. This really enhances the reef fishing bite. In Key West we have the spawning aggregations that are starting to meet up in certain locations on the reef line. That said, there is not reason to target the spawn when we are fishing the reefs. There are plenty of fish in our normal spots that are not participating making themselves an easy target. #letthembreed

We are hoping that things will open up here by June 1 for us to get back to work taking folks on fishing charters. If you have any questions about these openings please check out our Facebook page – Visit Key West for up to the day information about the possible openings and rules that there may be.

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