Wreck And Reef Fishing Report

Wreck and Reef fishing.

Red Grouper Fun Key West

Hey folks. Capt. Steven of Dream Catcher Charters here.. I Wanted to share with everyone about the amazing bottom fishing we are experiencing here in Key West. Not everyone knows but grouper season closes in January here in the Atlantic basin. So, we need to get out there and harvest them.. Well, thats what I have been doing.

In my 32ft Yellowfin “Intense” we have had some amazing days of fishing out to the West of Key West. Red Grouper and black grouper up to 15lbs have been taken in filling our complete bag limits each time we go out. I set a size limit on my boat of 26 inches to raise the bar a bit. We are fishing for these fish in less than 80 ft of water so a release is very easy on the fish. Last trip we caught over 50 legal sized grouper and many others smaller. 

Adding to a great bag limit of grouper were the mutton snappers. We have been catching muttons up to 15 lbs in the shallows and I expect it will get better as the winter progresses. This is the best bottom fishing I have seen in years.

Even further, the yellowtail snappers have been going off the rail like a crazy train. Stopping for only one hour to anchor up on one of my favorite little yellowtail spots we compounded on an already rich fish box with about a dozen nice 20+ inch fish.

Monster 74lb Cobia

Coming up in December we have the Killer cobias on the wrecks.. fun times.. Get on board one of these trips of a life time where we catch 5 – 15 cobia a day on all sorts of tackle.

Needless to say, we eat well. My customers are welcome to keep all the fish if they chose as long as it does not go to waste. Most of our anglers chose to have the fish cooked for them after I clean them at a local restaurant, Another alternative is to leave the fish with me to give to my friends, family and my freezer. I do not sell fish ever from a fishing charter.

If this sort of trip interests you.. check it out on the web. I call it my All In Wonder fishing Extravaganza.. We fish the wrecks, reefs, patch reefs, and a little blue water all in one day. fun times. Call my office to find out more 1-888-362-3474 mention this fishing report and I will give you a free t-shirt when you come fish with me or my crew on any fishing charter we offer.

About Capt. Steven Lamp
Veteran Key West Fishing guide Capt. Steven Lamp has been fishing the waters of the Florida Keys professionally since 1993. Specializing in Flats, Backcountry, Fly Fishing, Wrecks, Reef and Offshore fishing in Key West, Florida. Capt. Steven is also the founder and director of Dream Catcher Charters located in Key West, Florida.