Yellowtail Reef Bite Is On!

Yellowtail snapper Yellowtail Snappers. 2 hours for bag limit. Capt. Hugh Eaton of Dream Catcher Charters
Yellowtail snapper

Yellowtail Snappers. 2 hours for bag limit. Capt. Hugh Eaton of Dream Catcher Charters

May 24th 2015 – I really enjoy this time of the year fishing here in the Florida Keys. There is so much going on with tarpon season, the start of flats fishing season and all the dolphin being caught offshore in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream.

Today lets talk about the Reef fishing for snapper and grouper. Its ON FIRE right now and anyone with  a boat and ability to find the reef can go out and catch them.

The last few weeks have shown us that there is really no issue with the yellowtail snapper population or the mutton snappers or the groupers. All up and down the Florida Keys all of them are being caught with great regularity and one does not have to run 100 miles to get them. Just at the reef is all it takes for an angler to go get you some good eats.

Because they are so prolific I would like to talk in this report about the Yellowtail snappers. I have taken a few trips out lately to the reef in my bay boats from American shoals to the Marquesas Keys and absolutely whacked the yellowtail snappers. One day I had three anglers we caught a bag limit of 10 per persons keeping the minimum sized fish to 16 inches (legal limit is 12 inches) in less than three hours. We never anchored and did not use a single piece of bait or chum. Just drifting along as the winds carried us in 18- 85 ft of water. Our biggest fish that day was just shy of 4 lbs. How did we do it? artificial baits.

From Islamorada to Key West the yellowtail fishing has been epic. Get out with one of our fishing guides and we will show you an affordable day of fishing the reef for these and many other tasty critters and have a blast doing it.

We have boats ranging in size from 24 ft to 33 ft and can accommodate up to 5 persons for a day of reef fishing. If its a little windy, no biggie we have a back up plan that puts fish in the box for dinner and keeps everyone happy, not sea sick.

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Veteran Key West Fishing guide Capt. Steven Lamp has been fishing the waters of the Florida Keys professionally since 1993. Specializing in Flats, Backcountry, Fly Fishing, Wrecks, Reef and Offshore fishing in Key West, Florida. Capt. Steven is also the founder and director of Dream Catcher Charters located in Key West, Florida.