Flats Fishing Is Spectacular!

Flats fishing Florida Keys is spectacular in September

August 31st 2018 – For many, we think of August and September fishing in the Florida Keys as being unbearably hot. Water temps soaring into the high 80s and low 90s with no relief unless it be from a nice thunderstorm. Not so this year. Its been quite nice. Albeit windy the last week or so but that has not stopped me or any other fishing guide from poling the flats for the elusive bonefish and permit and our anglers getting the shots to catch them.

Flats Fishing Florida Keys


Bucket list permit my angler caught flats fishing with me out of Key West.

I hate using words like Epic to describe fishing in the Florida Keys, its over done and worn out. Unless of course we are talking about these past few weeks of flats fishing. It has been EPIC! With the water temps down in the low 80s the bonefish and permit have found Utopia. I have been a flats fishing guide for over 25 years, I have discovered that Florida Keys bonefishing can be cyclical. about every 5 years there is a ‘bumper crop’ of bonefish all over the flats. This is one of those years. The folks in that think they are in the know say the population of bonefish is dwindling here in the Florida Keys, they must not be fishing the same flats as me.

On a day of poling the flats with a decent outgoing and incoming tide we are seeing loads of bonefish. The bonefish in the smaller sizes of 3-5 lbs are running in schools of 6 – 12 fish. The larger fish I am seeing are cruising with a buddy or solo. Generally bonefish are quite spooky but this year Im not seeing the pressure on the flats as I fish with my anglers and the bonefish we are seeing are just as friendly as they can be getting nice and close making it easier for my anglers to hook up and live the dream.

Flats Fishing Slam Season Is Now!

The Key West flats fishing grand slam consists of the Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish caught all in one day. Typically the hardest fish is the permit but not this year. The baby tarpon are around but the local fishing guides are beating the trees daily on the productive spots and have put the fish on high alert. So, off to the flats for bonefish and permit where we are seeing and catching them regularly. Here at Dream Catcher Charters we have landed some permit in the 25-30 lb range. Monster Tailers for sure.

Look Mom – No Crowds

I tell folks all the time that if they want to really enjoy what Florida Keys flats fishing is all about. Come here in September and October. Because its not so busy, visiting anglers can make last minute reservations after they see what the hurricanes are going to do and book a couple day getaway and go flats fishing.. No crowds. Its the slowest time of the year and yet the most productive fishing. I was on a flats fishing charter this past Thursday and made quite a run to a favorite flats of mine. The whole way I was concerned there would be a Florida Keys flats fishing guide on the flat I wanted to pole. Not the case. In fact, I ran the 22 miles in and amongst all the flats and never saw another boat.

So, if you are able to put down the remote and miss a day of work or football come see us. Florida Keys Fishing Charters are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with some of the best fishing guides in the country. If you need some help finding a fishing guide, give us a call. I have some time in my schedule coming up and I know plenty of good Florida Keys fishing guides that would be happy to have you on the bow of their boat.

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