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See what is going on here in the Florida Keys for fishing. Latest fishing reports and forecasts of what we think will be happening in the coming weeks. News, events and happenings. The sport fishing capitol of the world. Information provided by the captains and fishing guides of the Florida Keys. Be sure to become part of our FaceBook community to get up to the day reports directly from our fishing guides.

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The Latest Fishing Reports And Posts

Time To Get Your Permit On!

June 13th 2016 - The weather here in the Florida Keys and Key West has turned very "summer". One of my favorite summer time activities is Permit Fishing. A good tide, a full cooler of water and ice with some great clear skies and I am in heaven … [Read More...]

Flats Fishing Season Begins

April 23rd 2016 - The last few weeks of April always get me in a shallow water state of mind. Since 1994 I have geared my entire year around the seasons and the tides and this month marks the beginning of the "flats fishing" season in my mind here in … [Read More...]

Deep Sea Fishing Rocking In Key West

April 11th 2016 - Some winds are prevailing here for the Key West fishing report this week. The Key West Final Sail, sail fishing championship is this week from April 12-17. Good week for it too with some of the best sail fishing in the deep sea … [Read More...]

Tarpon Season Begins

April 10 2016 - Let the games begin. With the winter subsiding and the spring taking its place the tarpon fishing Florida Keys is getting really good. Channels, bridges, backcountry waters and edges are all having good populations of tarpon moving in … [Read More...]

The Tarpon Are Coming

February 26th 2016 - Tarpon fishing report for the Florida Keys and Key West. Winter conditions prevail throughout the forecast period. Cold through the weekend with Northerly winds up to 20 kts. Sounds like a chilly forecast doesn't it? Well, … [Read More...]

Flats | Backcountry Fishing Reports

Flats Fishing Season Begins

April 23rd 2016 - The last few weeks of April always get me in a shallow … ...more

Go Backcountry And Have Fun!

January 13 2016 - The weather has finally turned "winter" here in Key West … ...more

New Opportunities Abound

December 8 2015 - Late fall in the Florida Keys is Great. While most of the … ...more

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Deep Sea Fishing Key West

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October 20th 2015 - It’s mid October. What some might call the dreaded slow … ...more

Florida Keys Snapper Fishing Is Great!

August 13th 2015 - We are on a new moon let it be known the snapper bite is … ...more

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