Tarpon In Key West

February 8th 2014 – I have been writing fishing reports since the mid nineties for Key West and the Florida Keys.. It always makes me grin when I have the pleasure of that date and saying TARPON.

tarponIn the past week or so Key West has been flooded with nice sized tarpon pushing in from the Gulf to feed on our copious amounts of bait here in our waters. The tarpon are moving along the edges and in the channels laying a little low but not unnoticeable. Certainly not a time to fly fish for them but a great time to get your early season tarpon fix on using live bait and strategic boat placement.

Is This The Beginning Of Tarpon Season?

We hope not. We are hoping that the tarpon are here and we get some more cold weather, then gone till March or so when they can come in super heavy and set up things for the migration in May. Winter tarpon tend to be quite large with a few exceptions. Frankly I would much rather show my client a couple of 40 lb fish than a single 120 lb tarpon any day of the week. Seeing as the fish are hard to photo no matter what size they are the smaller fish seem to make it a little easier.

We are booking fishing charters for backcountry fishing here in Key West but not for Tarpon fishing just yet. However we will look for the tarpon and try and get you an early season shot, We just won’t book a trip based on it just yet.

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February Looks Great For Fishing Florida Keys

February 1st 2014 – We get a lot of calls here at Fishing Florida Keys about the winter fishing. Is it still good? Are we ok to come down? Folks.. Our Weather does not suck at all. YES the fishing is good, Yes its ok to come down.. That is IF you can get out of whatever snowy tundra you are coming here from. February is the PERFECT time to escape the cold and come to the Florida Keys for some rock in’ fishing. Get your fish on all month long with some incredible species that come to the Florida Keys for the winter.


Fishing with Capt. Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters this angler caught a nice Snook.

Inshore Backcountry and Flats
There have been some great stories coming from Islamorada to Key West with catches of Snappers, Mackerel, Trout, redfish and a host of other fun species. The Flats fishing has produced some incredible opportunities for our shallow water species such as Snook and redfish. There is also some talk of bonefish around as well mainly in the upper Florida Keys . Dream Catcher Charters of Key West is reporting some tarpon and permit on the flats – Check out thier Key West fishing report to learn more. Our water temps are holding nicely and making this a PRIME Florida Keys fishing opportunity in the shallows all up and down the Florida Keys.

Offshore Deep Sea and Reef.
I hate to say this but our weather is just too good for a kick but solid great fishing report for the deep sea waters and reef line. With super clean water the reef bite has rolled off a bit. Still some nice catches of Yellowtails and a few muttons being reported but just not a crazy bite like last week during the fronts. Wahoo fishing near Key West has been off the rails up to mid week last week with some nice fish taken up to 50lb.

Florida Keys Deep Sea fishing charters are a great way to go with groups of 6 or less that want to troll and catch fish. Call 1-305-292-7212 for booking information on the hottest deep sea boats in the Florida Keys and Key West.


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Key West Winter Fishing


As the winter approaches my friends up in the great white north are sending me images of the snow, fish caught under ice and the deer they managed to bag this year. In response I am sending them images of our amazing pink sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, palm trees with Christmas lights and awesome fish caught while wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I think we win.


Permit Fishing On The Wrecks and The Flats of Key West Can be great in December

November was a bit testy this year with some ample amounts of wind. We had to keep checking the calendar making sure it wasn’t March. The winds were part of a few cold fronts that ushered in the first chills of the year. I have heard many say, “well there goes the fishing”. Not so.

With the shift from tropical to Northern weather patterns its not only the temperature that gets really nice but the fishing can follow. On the reef I particularly enjoy the amazing yellowtail and mutton snapper bite that comes on super strong with the onset of cooler weather as the ballyhoo hit the reef in droves. Its super easy fishing and full of some great surprises with strikes by almost world record sized cero mackerel.

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National Marine Sanctuary Working Group Meetings

Thank you Capt. Rob Harris for putting this very informative piece together.. 

The upcoming Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Working Group meetings that will be held this week are in response to public input provided at the last round of Public Hearing/Comment.

You will note that FKNMS and NOAA have removed from on-line searches, the charts depicting the vast closures they were moving to vote on at the last Sanctuary Advisory Group meeting. I had intended to use those, as well as their justification comments, to better guide interested persons through the process and help suggest some direction for comments at the upcoming meetings. Read more »

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